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Planogram development Experts

We deliver high-quality and efficient solutions.

Allowing our clients to focus on their business strategy.

Customized Solutions

More than outsourcing, we offer to be a strategic partner.

We take care of everything so that our clients can have updated planograms in the stipulated times, ready to be sent to stores and implemented without problems.


We know is really important that the Commercial strategy is being implemented on the shelf and how the planogram must respect the operational definitions.


We understand that planogramming is a job that begins in the store, knowing the category in the specific Retail.

Our Solutions

We can help you in different stages of space management

Store Layout
Survey of layout and/or Shelves

Before developing the planogram, it is necessary to know the reality of the sales floor, both at the macro level and at the category level.

Planogram development

Through the planogram, we communicate to the stores a fundamental tactic of the category management process: the exhibition.

Levantamiento productos.jpg
Collection of product information

For a correct implementation, it is necessary to have real information on measurements and high-quality images of each of the products that will be exhibited. 

We have collaborated with:

Santa Isabel
Sally Beauty

We are a team 100% committed to our clients

We started our operations in Chile in 2014, always offering the flexibility that our clients need.

Our objective is deliver space management solutions, establishing long-term relationships with our clients and generating bonds of trust through executives and products with the highest quality standards.

We provide detailed, high quality services with precision and in a short time. Allowing our clients to take the defined strategy to the sales floor.

Our work is based on creating cooperative environments, clear and formal processes, teamwork and absolute confidentiality.

These are some of the advantages of working with us

We are experts in what we do, focus on the task, so we can respond quickly to your needs.

Efficiency at your service

We understand that the requirements appear when you least expect it, we will be there to support you.

Great flexibility
Experience at your disposal
PlanS Planogram Solutions Spa

Our team has more than 15 years of experience in Retail, mainly in Category Management, we know how the business works and the characteristics of its categories.

PlanS Planogram Solutions Spa
PlanS Planogram Solutions Spa
Servicio de Planogramación
Nuestra empresa
Nuestros clientes

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